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Marshall 6100 and 6160A - 30th Anniversary Series

Marshall 6100 - 30th Anniversary Series

I bought this amp as soon as it was released in 2002. This is the standard model with blue tolex and a standard chassis. I wasn't about to pay an extra grand for the limited edition brass chassis. The matching 6160A speaker cabinet was purchased several years later.
All in all, this amp does a pretty good job and lives up to it's billing. It has three distinct channels, and is able to reproduce a wide range of tones from all eras of Marshall amps, from the Super Lead of the 60's and early 70's, to the 2203 Master Volumes of the late 70's and the 80's, to the JCM 900's of the 90's and beyond.
Foolishly, I sold two excellent Marshall heads after acquiring this amp - a '74 Super Lead 100 and a '77 2203 100 watt master volume, both of which had the insanely loud and aggressive sounding 6550 power tubes. Although this amp can do anything that either of them could, I still miss them both.
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From the 1992 Marshall Catalog:
To remain at the top for thirty years in the volatile world of rock 'n' roll amplification, requires deep dedication, a true understanding of musician's needs and a genuine love of guitar musicality. Over three decades we have refined and tuned the unique tonal personality of "the Marshall sound" to fit the changing demands of the musical environment. Now we have reached our 30th anniversary we want to give guitarists the best valve amplifier ever made, the pinnacle of Marshall valve technology. No compromise has been accepted in any area when producing this amplifier, our testament to thirty years of Marshall's unsurpassed soulful tonality.
The Anniversary Series is a celebration of the power and glory of Marshall, containing classic sounds from 30 years of rock, plus a new sound generation for 1992 and beyond. When you remove all constraints from designers as experienced as ours, their instinct takes over, the outcome is as exciting as it is innovative. On the 100 Watt head (model 6100) and 1 x12 combo (model 6101), every conceivable detail has been taken care of, from three separate channels, to four different output levels, from pure valve power to midi switching.
Vintage Marshalls are so good to play because the sound is warm, pure and uncluttered by a surfeit of controls. The Anniversary Series go right back to basics, routing each channel directly through to the valve powered heart, allowing it to breathe fully and exude its warm valve magic. We can now treat each of the three channels as a separate amplifier and consequently drain every drop of tone from its circuitry. Attention to detail is such a feature of this amplifier, that even the input has a compensation switch to match the type of pick ups on your guitar.
Clean channel 1 has all the sparkling clarity and glassy fidelity of the early JTM45. Deft use of the tone controls, mid band shift and bright switches, can carry you across the whole spectrum of crisp country, warm jazz and classic rock clean tones. Crunch is only part of the story of channel 2. It contains three selectable modes to cover the range of vintage Super Lead purity, to 70's Master Volume grinding power and 90's Hi-Gain drive. Creamy or biting blues, hard rock rhythms, metallic anthems, you will find the essential character of the amps from each Marshall era Limited edition brass here, along with some killer extras!
Our understanding of today's widely different lead playing forms, led us to include a selection switch on channel 3 for two gain alternatives. The first, a smoldering saturation, preset to the channel. The other a searing gain boost, that shoots screaming solos beyond the limits of any previous sonic experience. Not satisfied with awesome gain, we put in a mid-shift selector to transform the middle control into an expansive   "contour". Where other high gain amps lose definition and turn muddy, our tonal contour shaping helps you to retain the definition that articulates every searing note.
A bank of front panel switches access the three channel selections manually. Alternatively, you could use the remote three way Marshall footswitch on stage. Using processors and foot controllers with midi capability, linked to the amp's midi input, channel selections may be assigned to patches and re-accessed, with the selected effects, via midi.
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