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Marshall 3310 Mini-Stack

Marshall 3310 Mini-Stack

100 watts of power in a mini-stack less than four feet tall!
I hunted this amp down specifically for the cabinets to use with my Soldano Atomic 16 head, but was pleasantly surprised when this arrived and I plugged it in. Surprisingly loud and for a solid-state head it sounds pretty damn good. It took several months of searching to find this, as they were produced only for a few years in the late 80's and early 90's.
Back in the day, I would not have given this amp a second look - it was a full size stack or nothing. Now, with a bad back, the focus has shifted to the point that lugging around a full size stack seems ridiculous if the job can be done with a smaller package. Funny how our priorities change with age!
Description from the 1991 Marshall catalog:
Wide ranging Treble, Middle and Bass controls give real depth to the normal channel. Switching to the boost channel brings in Gain, Volume and a single tone control voiced for maximum overdrive effect. The built in reverb may also be switched in to either channel. Effects send and return, line out with level control and twin speaker outputs are featured on the rear panel. Single 12" open backed cabinets 1931A/B complete this incredibly loud but portable setup.

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