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1999 Fender USA Stratocaster

1999 Fender USA Stratocaster

This is the third guitar I bought in my "Black" period. The reason was essentially the same as with the black Les Paul Custom - I wanted a plain guitar to noodle around the house with and to take out to jam. This guitar, while not a total "beater" fits the bill perfectly.
Definitely not pristine, this old gal had seen her share of playing and had the bumps and contusions to show for it. While not in need of a complete fret job, a good level, crown and polish was in order, and brought her back to life nicely.
Many people tend to look down their nose at later model regular guitars such as this one. Some seem to think that if it isn't an old vintage model or an expensive custom shop job that it isn't any good. I say nonsense! After having my repair guy, Bernie Lezotte, do a level, crown and polish and give this guitar a little TLC, it has quickly become one of my favorite players. The fact that it didn't cost an arm and a leg just adds to the enjoyment I get out of playing it.
I have come to believe that any half decent guitar can be made into a great player in the hands of the right Luthier. After having the work done on this guitar, I had Bernie go over every last one of my guitars, and the results were excellent. I would highly recommend Bernie to anyone.
Like my '84 Strat, this guitar is bone stock and will likely stay that way. Classic Strat tone and feel on a budget.
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