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2008 Charvel So-Cal

2008 Charvel So-Cal (USA)

When Charvel guitars again became available after the Fender buyout, I was thrilled at the thought of being able to order a custom shop Charvel just as I wanted it. That excitement quickly wore off in the months ahead as I learned more details. First was that the custom shop guitars were indeed very pricey. Second was that the average wait time was between 9 months and a year. Third was that in spite of the outrageous wait and high price, many people were receiving their long awaited guitars to find that several details - although diligently documented - were being missed.
Then, Charvel announced the Production Model series - standard rock guitars for under a grand. This got my attention. After reading several hands on reviews from people who had purchased one, I decided to see for myself what they were like.
I purchased this So-Cal first, and it quickly became one of my regular go-to guitars. First of all, I love these necks. Not identical to my '82 San Dimas, but not too far off. They definitely do a good job of capturing the Charvel "vibe" at a price point that won't break the bank.
The stock DiMarzio pickups have been replaced with a Duncan custom shop "RTM" model (Rattus Toneus Maximus) and a Duncan '59 in the neck, but other than that she's bone stock just as she came from the factory.
Opinions vary, but I'll give you mine. At under a grand, these are damn good guitars - period. Mine plays quite well, and in over a year of almost daily playing it hasn't given me a bit of trouble. Anyone who would like to have a real Charvel at a reasonable price would do well to at least try one of these on for size. Let your own hands and ears be the judge.
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