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1997 Gibson Les Paul Custom

1997 Gibson Les Paul Custom

This is the second guitar I bought in my "Black" period. I wanted to have a Les Paul around to noodle on, but since my '74 Deluxe has a fresh refin and my '98 Custom is in pristine condition, I did not feel comfortable wandering about the house or taking those out to jam. This one happened to come up on Ebay for the right price and I jumped on it.
Unlike my '98 Custom, this Les Paul Custom does not have the very flat "fretless wonder" frets. The frets on this guitar  are more of a medium jumbo type, and make this a great guitar for heavy, aggressive playing.
I did install a TP-6 fine tuning tailpiece on this guitar, but aside from that the guitar is bone stock. She is not as pristine as the '98 custom - there are a few minor dings here and there - but is still in very good condition overall. This is the Les Paul I grab for noodling around the house or heading out to jam. There's something about a black Les Paul Custom that just oozes Rock n' Roll!
Lately, I've been itching to remove the pickup covers to expose the black pickup coils, but have been simply to lazy to do it. Then again, it may just be my late Father's way of telling me "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Funny how our Dads seem to get so much smarter as we get older.
This Les Paul gets more playing time than the others - probably because I'm not as worried about it inevitably picking up another ding.
Like I said before - if you haven't played a Les Paul yet, you really need to try one. Look at how many of the greats have used them. I'm currently looking to add another Custom to the collection - this time in white ala Randy Rhoads.
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