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Wayne 'Blackie' Rock Legend

Wayne "Blackie" Rock Legend

This is the most recent Wayne added to the collection - and the one I looked the longest for - a "plain-jane" black Wayne.
She originally had chrome hardware, but I changed everything to black as you can see here. Also added my usual Seymour Duncan EVH pickup and a D-Tuna. Plays and sounds great, just like you would expect for an early Wayne. In fact, for one reason or another, this one has the most raw and aggressive tone out of all the Waynes.
This guitar marked the beginning of my "Black" period, and every guitar that I have purchased since has indeed been black. I'm really not sure why this is, but I think it may be due to the fact that I don't want people getting distracted by a flashy guitar - I'd rather have them notice my playing instead.
Another reason is that I like to keep some guitars planted around the house so they are convenient if I just want to sit around and noodle for a while. I couldn't see doing that with some of my other guitars, but the plain black ones suit this purpose perfectly. I'm not likely to lose my mind if a ding or two happen to appear as I would with some of the others.
The serial numbers of this guitar and the "Ratt Swords" Wayne are but 10 digits apart, so they were likely built within a few weeks of each other. As I've mentioned previously, the consistency of these early Waynes is uncanny, and all five of them feel remarkably similar.
I'm always looking to buy early Waynes, so if you have one you want to part with, please drop me a line and we'll talk.
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