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Wayne 'VH-II' Rock Legend

Wayne "VH-II" Rock Legend

This was the final EVH graphic Wayne added to the collection. I almost passed her up, as I had just purchased three Waynes within the previous five weeks, but I just had to have a complete set so I bit the bullet and here she is.
She differs slightly from my other four Waynes in that she has a flamed maple neck and board as opposed to the birdseye on the others. That doesn't have any effect on the playability, however, and this guitar plays like a wet dream. The resonation of this guitar is matched only by my '82 Charvel - you can literally feel every note as it is played.
You don't see many of these early Waynes coming up for sale, and there is a very good reason for that - very simply, these guitars play so good that no one wants to sell them. Anyone who has played any of my Waynes just doesn't want to put them down - they're that good.
This particular graphic seems to be the most prevalent of the EVH themes produced by Wayne and Michael Charvel. I have seen several of these identical to mine, as well as at least one example with a painted black headstock and one with a single coil pickup in the neck position. All I can say is grab one if you get the chance, because they don't make them like this anymore, and the Charvel versions just don't compare.
All of my EVH themed Waynes have serial numbers under 100, and one is an unserialized example. The ones to grab are those with serial numbers below 250 - the earlier, the better as the attention to detail seems to have been best during that time and the new neck profile and headstock shape were introduced shortly thereafter.
Added D-Tuna and the obligatory EVH pickup.
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