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Wayne 'Ratt Swords' Rock Legend

Wayne "Ratt Swords" Rock Legend

My first Wayne guitar, this was purchased out of sheer frustration over being unable to locate an EVH striped Wayne. No regrets at all, as she plays like a dream as do all of my Waynes. That shouldn't come as any surprise - after all, final setup and inspection is performed by none other than the legendary Wayne Charvel himself.
The first thing that stands out on this guitar is the paint job. Michael Charvel does some very nice paint work, and it clearly shows in this example. The second thing that hit me was the neck profile - absolute perfection - at least for my hand. To this day, I have yet to find a more comfortable neck - and this profile is extremely consistent on the early Waynes (all five of mine are below serial number 240, with one being an unserialized example).
Unfortunately, I've heard that they no longer use this same neck profile, having changed when they switched to the newer headstock shape from the "bottle opener" style headstock. Odd thing is that they will still build the bottle opener head shape upon request, but this original neck profile is no longer an option.
The only complaint I had with this one is that in spite of the knob, tuners and nut being black, she came from the factory with a chrome Floyd! WTF! The only logical reasoning I can think of for this was that perhaps Warren's original was like that - but in any case I found it to be just plain wrong. I like her much better now that she has a proper black Floyd.
The stock pickup - a Seymour Duncan JB - has been replaced with the new Custom Shop Warren DiMartini RTM (Rattus Tonus Maximus). The only way to describe this pickup is devastating, but with great clarity and articulation due to the use of Alnico II magnets.
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