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Wayne 'VH-1' Rock Legend

Wayne "VH-I" Rock Legend

This is the first of the EVH graphic Waynes that I added to my collection, and was like a holy grail for me - I had wanted one since early '78 when she appeared on the first Van Halen album cover.
I purchased all three of my EVH striped Waynes shortly before Charvel announced the availability of the EVH Art series guitars. Truth be told, I'm glad that I chose to buy the Waynes instead of the Charvels.
In the first place, the only "real" Charvel that Eddie Van Halen ever played was the black and gold guitar that is pictured on the Van Halen II album cover - and he has stated that he never liked it. The original black and white "Frankenstein" was assembled from parts Eddie had acquired from Wayne at his shop. No one can authenticate that these parts were even built by Charvel, and since Wayne was not building complete guitars yet they were most likely replacement parts that he was selling at the time.
Secondly, the neck profile on the EVH Art Charvels is nothing like the Waynes - being slimmer and more Fender-like than Charvel-like. Being that I prefer the feel of a Charvel neck, these guitars are a better choice for me personally.
Lastly, it is widely rumored that less than 40 guitars with the various EVH striped paint schemes made it out of Wayne's shop before Edward had them served with a cease and desist order. That fact combined with the generally higher quality of the early Wayne guitars makes these guitars much better choices in terms of future potential resale value.
The only changes I made to this guitar are the addition of the EVH D-Tuna and changing from the stock JB pickup to the more suited Seymour Duncan EVH custom shop pickup.
Nothing like playing Runnin' with the Devil, I'm the One, Little Dreamer or On Fire with this one for a quick flashback to '78!
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