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1984 Fender USA Stratocaster

1984 Fender USA Stratocaster

A nice clean example of an '80's USA made Strat. She is in virtually flawless condition, completely unmolested and has the classic tone that can only be had from a Strat.
I had always wanted a Stratocaster, but once I got into the Super Strat phase in the late 70's I kind of shunned them as inferior beasts. Later on, when I came to realize that there is more to tone than one humbucker with gobs of distortion, I decided to finally add a real Stratocaster to the collection.
Normally, I prefer maple or ebony fingerboards, but this guitar is so clean that I couldn't pass it up. This guitar was obviously well cared for. The frets have next to no visible wear, and the rosewood fingerboard is in perfect shape.
When I pick up this guitar, usually the first thing that comes out is Deep Purple's Lazy. The tone of a stock strat is amazing. It's not best suited for heavier rock or metal - at least not with the stock pickups - but it has a tone all it's own for classic rock, blues and even country.
The thing that frustrates me today is that there are so many different flavors of Strat to choose from. All of the artist models available further clouds the available choices. I guess it's easy to get caught up in that madness when you're younger, but at this stage of the game my objective is to find my own tone  - not to sound like any one particular artist. That's why I chose a basic American Standard model.
I've thought about changing the pickups several times, but why buy a Strat for the Strat sound then change the pickups so the guitar no longer sounds like a Strat?
This guitar has been bone stock since 1984, and it will likely remain that way as long as I own it.
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