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If you care to contact me, you can find me on any of the forums listed here. My handle on all of them is gtraddict. Of those, I visit the USA Charvels Forum every day, as it is the most active, informative and most importantly the community is respectful with no bullshit drama. I visit the others around once a week or so.
You can also contact me via email at gtraddict@cox.net .
If you want to contact me to tell me I'm wrong about any of my opinions - save your breath - I'm cranky, cantankerous and set in my ways. I won't force my opinion on you as truth, so please don't try to force yours on me.
I do, however, appreciate hearing from my fellow players and gear hounds. We all learn from each other in this journey through the guitar world, and each of us brings to the table a set of unique experiences.
If nothing else, keep on rockin' and don't ever quit.
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