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Me with George Lynch
Since you found my site, I would assume you are a guitar and gear fanatic like myself. Cool - we're in good company.

My love of the guitar and riff-oriented rock n' roll started when a friend of mine introduced me to the Kiss Alive album back in 1975 at the age of eleven. I wanted to be Ace Frehley, which is why my first good guitar that my Dad bought for me a year later was a Gibson Les Paul. I still have that guitar to this day - it ain't going anywhere.

Then, on February 18, 1978, a local radio station played an album that changed my world. That would be Van Halen's first album - and it turned the guitar world on it's ear.
Eddie was the new whiz-kid on the block, and everyone - including me - wanted to play like him. Eddie and his self built parts guitar led to me building my own "superstrat" which I affectionately call "The Mutt" back in late '78. The guitar was finished for my birthday in 1979 - having been sent to a professional luthier for assembly - and I had my very own "superstrat" on January 26, 1979.
***Trivia: Which famous guitar player was also born on January 26 - but in 1955 instead of '64?
In those days, I would play every night after school and sometimes ten hours a day or more on the weekends. Nothing like being young with nothing better to do than play the guitar! So many great players to soak up - Michael Schenker, Thin Lizzy, Ted Nugent, Aerosmith, Jimmy Page to name a few.
The 80's were a great time to be a guitar player. First, Ozzy introduced the world to the late great Randy Rhoads, followed by Motley Crue and the L.A. "hair metal" explosion. One great guitar player led to another great guitar player, then another and another - Mick Mars, George Lynch, Warren DiMartini, Iron Maiden, Gary Moore, Jake E Lee, Yngwie Malmsteen and so many others were introduced to the masses during the 80's. Best thing was that they were all playing heavy yet melodic riff-based guitar music, and concerts were cheap enough that it didn't break the bank to see several back to back. 
Bottom line is that if you missed the 80's, you really missed out on a great period for hard rock music.
I no longer play out in bands, but I still enjoy playing and collecting guitars and gear. I couldn't afford multiple guitars and amps until the late 90's, but I'm doing my best to play catch up! That said, I'm still pretty selective about the gear I choose to buy. All of it reflects my specific likes and dislikes. I have developed some observations and opinions over the years, which I am sharing in these pages. Hopefully, you can glean something from my experiences. If you agree with me - fine. If not - that's why we're all individuals. Differing opinions are great so long as they are not touted as truth.
Anyway, have a look around and enjoy the eye-candy of my thirty-five years or so experience.
Some of you may ask which one is me in the pic above. I'm the one that's not George Lynch!
***The answer to the trivia question above is Edward Van Halen.
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