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2010 Charvel San Dimas

2010 Charvel San Dimas (USA)

This is one of the last USA San Dimas production models. Repeating past history, Charvel has once again screwed the pooch by moving production to Japan and renaming this series the "Pro-Mods". Now, I've heard from those that have them that the Japanese made versions are fine guitars, but I grew up in a steel town so there's just something about having the words "Made In Japan" on the headstock of my guitars that just rubs me the wrong way.
Not much to say about this one that has not already been said about the So-Cal and Tele - a plain jane kick ass rock n' roll machine for well under a grand.
The stock Duncan JB pickup has been replaced with a custom shop '78 EVH model, but other than that she's bone stock just as she came from the factory.
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