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Ibanez 2388B Rickenbacker Copy

Ibanez 2388B Rickenbacker Copy

I went through a bass phase in '77 and early '78. Being a huge Rush fan but unable to afford a Rickenbacker bass on my 14 year old budget, I jumped on this as soon as I saw it in a used guitar store. Truth be told, I couldn't have been happier if it were a real Rickenbacker - I was just happy to have a bass. Ibanez made some excellent quality copies in the '70's and this is certainly one of them.
I have been jonesing for a bass lately and have looked high and low for one of these but have been unable to locate one.
After switching back to guitar in the summer of '78, I promptly traded this bass as a down payment on my first Marshall Super Lead 100 half stack.
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