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Marshall 5005 Lead 12 Mini-stacks

Marshall 5005 Lead 12 Mini-stacks

So damn cute that one is not enough!
I bought my first one of these back in the early 90's just because I wanted one - I thought they were cute as hell. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they don't sound too bad at all - in fact they're quite good! When a white one became available on Ebay, I grabbed that one for a suedo Randy Rhoads effect. Very cool little amps.
Sadly, these were discontinued in the late 80's and were replaced by the 15 watt MG series, which also has reverb. Do not make the mistake of buying one of the MG's - they might look nearly identical, but they sound like total crap - my Dad aptly described it as "that damn thing sounds like shit through a tin horn". I made the mistake of buying one and sold it within one week - yes, it was that bad.
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Why does Marshall always seem to screw the pooch by discontinuing good products and replacing them with clearly inferior stuff? I'll gladly stick with the old stuff, thank you! Fortunately, these are not too hard to find, so if you are looking for a cool little practice amp and conversation piece - here it is.
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