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1998 Gibson Les Paul Custom

1998 Gibson Les Paul Custom

This one came home in mid 2003. I had wanted a Cherry Sunburst LP Custom for a long time. I stupidly passed on a '68 in the early 90's that was near mint with a $1200.00 asking price - I thought it was too expensive at the time.
This one is flawless - not a mark on her - and the top has to be seen in person to appreciate. Believe me when I tell you that this picture does not do her justice. She plays like a wet dream, and is unmolested - save for the addition of the fine tuning tailpiece. Some people don't care for the TP-6 tailpiece, but I find it invaluable after playing locking trem guitars for so many years. I have the original stop bar tailpiece and the pick guard in the case for safe keeping.
I love my superstrats - the Charvels and  Waynes - but a good Les Paul has it's own unique vibe that no other guitar can quite capture. I was fortunate to score this one for such a good price. This guitar has the very flat "fretless wonder" frets and plays effortlessly as a result. The stock Gibson pickups are good enough that I have not found the need to swap them out. The bridge pickup has plenty of growl and the neck pickup has an awesome buttery smooth "woman" tone.
I honestly think that every guitar player should have at least one Les Paul in their collection. Even if you aren't hooked the first time you play one, give it enough time in your hands and soon you'll wonder why you waited so long to have one.
In fact, I'm currently looking to add a white Les Paul Custom to my collection - so if you have one you are willing to part with, drop me a line and we'll talk.
Near mint to mint condition only, please.
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