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1984 Charvel San Dimas Lynch Bengal Superstrat

1984 Charvel San Dimas Bengal Superstrat

This Charvel is a 99.5 on a scale of 100, with the only non-factory original item being the Seymour Duncan "EVH" pickup - the original factory "JB" was much too sterile to my ears in this guitar - I believe it is a maple body, as it is quite a bit heavier than my 82 Charvel. I still have the factory original JB pickup, but since I have no plans to sell this I doubt that it will be going back in her.
This one came home in mid 2002 - she was a bit more expensive than I hoped for, but being a George Lynch fan and given the fact that she has an Ebony board and a factory Floyd, I had to have her. I also was in the mood to add another original San Dimas Charvel to the collection, so I pulled out all the stops to grab this one.
One thing worth noting is that there is a big difference between the "pointy" head neck on this guitar when compared to the "strathead" neck on my '82 Charvel. The pointy neck is much thinner than the strathead and the nut width is 1-5/8 as opposed to 1-3/4 on the strathead.
Two things that set this guitar apart from most Charvel "Pointies" are the factory Floyd Rose and the matching graphic headstock - both of which are not common finds. At this time, a customer would have to supply their own Floyd Rose if they wanted it factory installed. Kahler trems are much more common on this era of Charvels, as Kramer had the exclusive OEM deal with Floyd Rose.
These guitars have a very long, storied history which I won't bother to go into here. Those interested in a complete history and overview of San Dimas era Charvels should visit usacharvels.com, where you will find one of the largest known collections of Charvel guitars as well as an intricate, detailed history of the Charvel bloodline.
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